Knosys moves to commercial negotiations with CITIC Telecom

Knosys Ltd (ASX: KNO) (“Knosys”), in conjunction with reseller partner Corporate Innovations (S) Pte. Ltd, is pleased to announce a highly successful deployment of the Knosys Platform Proof of Concept (“POC”) for Singapore operations of CITIC Telecom International (SEA) Pte Ltd (“CITIC Telecom). The Knosys implementation provides an aggregated view of CITIC Telecom’s customers in order to enhance CITIC Telecom’s sales and marketing activities. The successful Proof of Concept has delivered a single view of the CITIC Telecom customer demonstrating that Knosys is a best-of-breed tool to deliver CITIC Telecom’s integrated “Customer Engagement Program” initiative.

Confident the platform will deliver on the company objectives; CITIC Telecom has requested that Knosys and Corporate Innovations commence commercial negotiations for a phased deployment of the platform to support their “Customer Engagement Program”. The first phase of the deployment of the Knosys Platform will refine the important workflow and knowledge/guidance processes required to deliver market- leading customer support. The initial stage of the rollout will be deployed to the internal sales team, support staff and key executives and senior staff to ensure the successful delivery on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business program. The deployment will provide CITIC Telecom with a consolidated view of CITIC Telecom customers across a number of core applications.

Beyond the initial deployment, CITIC Telecom plans to expand their Partner Strategy via Knosys. This will provide their valued reseller network with all the tools, knowledge and processes to deliver customer sales and service requests whilst providing an integrated communications channel to continue to enhance partner relationships. Consistent with CITIC Telecom’s key objective to continually drive high-value customer experiences and interactions, Knosys and CITIC Telecom are also developing ways in which Knosys can provide a Customer portal to their broad end users base via Knosys Customer Engagement Management (CEM) tools.

The portal will combine key customer information, tools for transactions and a communication channel direct to their end users.

The Knosys deployment will define the model for CITIC Telecom’s integrated “Customer Engagement Program” initiative, enabling improved sales and on-boarding processes of products and services. Contingent on the successful achievement of the Singapore program targets and indicators, the company expects further roll out and deployments across the broader business. This will be driven initially via similar divisions of CITIC Telecom in other regions followed by further expansion into additional customer or sales driven deployments.

General Manager – CITIC Telecom International, Richard Loo, said:
“We are extremely pleased with the manner in which CITIC Telecom’s team, working in conjunction with Knosys and Corporate Innovations, demonstrated immediate results therefore providing the company with the confidence required to further invest and advance this important and strategic initiative. Our core value of delivering the best products and services to our customers is greatly enhanced by providing our staff with innovative and effective tools to manage, communicate, upsell and cross-sell to new and existing customers.”

On the future state of the program, Richard said:
“It is envisaged that Knosys will also be the platform that provides our reseller partners a single environment for a more productive and streamlined operations system. The ultimate goal will be to use Knosys to provide deep and rich engagements with our end customers, through customer portals, transactions tools and Customer Self Service strategies. All of this combined provides a way in which we can offer even further benefits to our existing and new customers as well as assisting us through the digital transformation of our sales and support strategies.”

Picture of Ashley Summers By Ashley Summers on June 16, 2016