Knosys Appoints New Managing Director

Knosys is pleased to announce the appointment of John Thompson as Managing Director and acknowledges the contribution of resigning Non-Executive Director, Richard (Dick) Levy.

Mr Levy has resigned his directorship of Knosys Limited in order to pursue his other business activities and personal interests. Mr Levy was integral to the initial development of the business in its private structure and was one of the initial non-executive directors appointed to the Board of Knosys Limited in 2015.

Knosys Chairman, Hon Alan Stockdale, said "Knosys has been fortunate to receive the benefit of Dick Levy’s wide business experience while a director of the Company and in particular during the transition of the Company through its IPO in September 2015 to the stage it is at today. The Company acknowledges Dick’s contribution to the success of Knosys to date and wishes him the very best for the future."

John Thompson has accepted the invitation to join the Board of the Company as Managing Director, following years of service as Knosys CEO since his appointment in July 2016. Mr Thompson, who was recently interviewed for the Financial Review, said “I am delighted to join the Board of Knosys, the business is currently on a strong footing with significantly improved financial and business metrics. The financial position of the business improved strongly during 2018 and the business is performing well in the current quarter.”

Mr Stockdale, said "Mr Thompson has led the company successfully since his appointment as CEO, building a strong team, improving and developing the Knosys product, winning new customers and, in the last financial year, achieving excellent growth in revenues and licence numbers. The directors are very pleased that John has accepted the invitation to join the Board and we look forward to working even more closely with him as he and his team continue to grow the business.."

"With the completion of the non-renounceable rights issue in August and revenue collections for this quarter, we now have a cash balance in excess of $3.8m," said Mr Thompson. "We intend to progressively increase our investment in sales, marketing, product development and customer success teams in order to drive APAC customer and revenue growth. I look forward to building on our recent success as we move strongly into this current financial year."

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Picture of Ashley Summers By Ashley Summers on September 27, 2018