Is your machine learning the true power of people?

 Artificial Intelligence is the tech Buzzword of 2019…so far.

But understanding how to integrate relevant AI into your business and using machine learning to improve people-powered processes is what’s important for enterprise business right now.  

Deciding where to funnel investment to create the most value and uncover the biggest growth potential, means listening to the people at the core of your business, not just sales and marketing jargon that wraps struggling infrastructure in shiny new paper.

So, there’s a communication problem in your organisation?! Of course there is. Everyone is working from different versions of a file, there’s a lack of onboarding knowledge and your employee handbook is a revision of a 50-page 1990s handbook, passed on from department to department, like a tattered version of grandmas spiced fruit cake recipe. It’s got to go.

There’s no use investing in AI if you don’t first have a centralised platform that cuts through the digital noise created by the content generation.

In terms of investment, the balance between technology and people should always be complementary. Understanding the data that’s important to the way your business delivers its message internally and externally can, and always will be, a point of contention between departments. Make life easier and teams more efficient by channelling energy where it’s needed and letting machine learning pick up the slack.

A deliberate and well thought out knowledge management platform is the invaluable resource driving the intelligence of your organisation from breakfast too beer ‘o’clock. It doesn’t rest, but you can – finally – knowing that the right information is available, on the go, and that compliance and process driven functions are being implemented easily - in real-time.

Data isn’t powerful until it’s given context

When businesses recognise the internal pitfalls causing their staff to feel disenfranchised and disengaged, the first step has already been taken. What next?

Having lots of content and lots of data is easy, making it relevant and simple for your team to find at the right time is not necessarily easy, but it’s the most important element of the content you have.

Harnessing legacy learnings and the empathy of your people and combining it with state of art machine learning that projects a contextual content structure for the easy and efficient sharing of intelligence with staff, customers and stakeholders – is real intelligence – tangible intelligence.

Real machine learning that co-exists with your people and helps them deliver your brand experience better, is the golden ticket of knowledge management in a content-driven world.

When knowledge is powered by real data - but goes beyond data and becomes useful for individuals at every level of your business - you start to see silos breakdown. And when your teams have the confidence to deliver relevant, timely information they can rely on – they start to feel good about every conversation they have about your brand. That’s when you know you’ve hit the sweet spot. The proof will be measured by happy staff and even happier customers.


If you’d like to see how Knosys KIQ Cloud can address and manage the content overload and efficiency breakdown of your business – request a free demo.

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Picture of Elise Kuchel By Elise Kuchel on February 22, 2019