Content Management, Is It Worth Your Time?

Yes, I'm afraid it's that time again. You've had an email request from someone in your team, or in another department, and you have to log into the company intranet, or your organisations content management system, and make changes to content.

For many content owners, content management is a thankless job, you can be forgiven for thinking "Does anyone care if I update this procedure document or news story?" When you start asking yourself whether content management is worth you time, the answer, of course, is YES!

Content management is a core part of every business, whether that content is customer facing or will be only be used by internal staff and stakeholders. Let's talk a little about why it's so important.

Content (Or Knowledge) Is Power

When we talk about content management, what we're often talking about is knowledge management. Your content, the documents, infographics, policies, processes and procedures, templates and collateral that you, your team and others in your business create every day is the core of everything that your company does. Whether you're in the sales team and have been collaborating with marketing on a new and impressive case study for your product or you work in human resources and have just updated the equal opportunity policy, that information contributes to the organisational knowledge of your company. Even if it's just a small change to a product description on your company website or the creation of a new blog post, that's still organisational knowledge!




Making Your Content Count

Content and knowledge management are one of the critical enablers for knowledge workers. As we move towards the Knowledge Age, what Charles Savage referred to as the "third wave of human socio-economic development", the knowledge worker is becoming even more critical to organisations worldwide. These workers need efficient systems and tools in place to ensure they can easily find, create and share information. At its heart, this is what content management, and content management systems, provide.

When supporting tools and capability like process guidance is added to content management, and content management platforms, all of that information and knowledge then becomes actionable. Now, not only can users consume that content, but that content can be used to guide them through the things that they need to do every day. Now, the content that you've invested time in creating is also supporting your process-driven workforce.

Information Overload x 1,000,000,000

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Yammer and the multitude of other social and enterprise platforms we touch every day, information overload isn't just a risk, it's happening! Content management to the rescue again! Our enterprise content management systems can help us to apply access controls to limit who can see and who can find what, meaning that staff only discover the things they need to get the job done. Access controls ensure that people who need the information can get to it, but those that don't are not overloaded with information they don't need.

Are you looking for a platform to help get your content under control and support your growing team of knowledge workers? Knosys can help.Ask us about our KnowledgeIQ platform.


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Picture of Nic Passmore By Nic Passmore on October 3, 2018